Flavour Tubs

Coat with the best…

A range of two crumb coaters and ten gluten-free flavour glazes, in 2.5kg and with your favourites in 10kg tubs.

Make your meat sing with intense flavours from around the world, with our flavour tubs you can rest assured that your customers will notice the difference!

No Msg, No Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, No Artificial Colours, No Preservatives, No Artificial Sweetners

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  • Glaze Tub_Tikka Tandoor Web Wood Background
    Tikka Tandoor – Gluten Free
    An authentic Indian spiced blend bursting with aromatic flavours, great with Chicken or Lamb. available in 2.5kg Tubs. Ingredients: Dextrose, Sugar, Spices: Coriander, Ginger, Cinnamon, Black Peppe...
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  • Glaze Tub_Tangy Sweet Chilli Web Wood Background
    Tangy Sweet Chilli – Gluten Free
    A classic Thai infusion of fragrant herbs and spices, finished with a kick of chilli. Great with Pork or Chicken. available in 2.5kg Tubs. Ingredients: Sugar, Modified Maize Starches, Spices: Chilli...
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  • Sticky-BBQ-tub
    Sticky BBQ – Gluten Free
    A deliciously sweet barbecue blend with punchy tomato and a smokey finish, great with Ribs, Chicken and Pork. Available in 2.5kg and 10kg Tubs. Ingredients: Sugar, Dextrose, Salt, Modified Maize St...
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  • Glaze Tub_Spicy Salt & Pepper Web Wood Background
    Spicy Salt & Pepper – Gluten Free
    An authentic blend of Oriental flavours, with notes of Fennel, Ginger and chilli. Great for Chicken, Prawns or Pork. Available in 2.5kg Tubs. Ingredients: Sugar, Dextrose, Spices: Black Pepper (4.9...
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  • Rosemary-Garlic-Mint
    Rosemary, Garlic & Mint – Gluten Free
    A blend of traditional garden herbs with a hint of roast garlic, ideally suited to enhance all cuts of Lamb. Ingredients: Sugar, Dehydrated Garlic (20.8%), Dried Glucose Syrup, Salt, Modified Maize...
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  • Glaze Tub_Piri Piri Web Wood Background
    Piri Piri – Gluten Free
    A traditional Portuguese glaze with a subtle chilli heat and zingy lemon finish, ideal for Chicken or Pork. Available in 2.5kg Tubs. Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Sugar, Spices: Paprika, Chilli Flakes...
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  • Glaze Tub_Lemon Pepper Web Wood Background
    Lemon Pepper – Crumb Coater
    Lemon Pepper - Crumb Coater A classic crumb coater with the subtle kick of black pepper and the tang of zesty lemon. Great with Chicken or Fish. Available in 2.5kg Tubs. Ingredients: Rusk (contain...
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  • Hot&Spicy-Chilli
    Hot & Spicy Kickin’ Chilli – Gluten Free
    An authentic Cajun style blend of herbs and spices with a kick of chilli heat. Great with Chicken, Pork or Beef. Available in 2.5kg and 10kg Tubs. Ingredients: Sugar, Spices: (Chilli (4%), Ginger, ...
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  • Garlic-Butter-tub
    Garlic Butter – Gluten Free
    A classic family favourite with a savoury butter base and notes of garlic & parsley. Great with Chicken breasts or Pork. Available in 2.5kg and 10kg Tubs. Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Sugar, Garl...
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  • Glaze Tub_Garden Mint Web Wood Background
    Garden Mint – Gluten Free
    A traditional favourite, infused with the aromatic and sweet flavour of garden mint. Ideally suited for all cuts of Lamb. Available in 2.5kg and 10kg Tubs. Ingredients: Sugar, Acidifiers: Sodium Dia...
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  • Chinese-tub
    Chinese Char Siu – Gluten Free
    An authentic Oriental blend bursting with the flavours of the Far East, great with all cuts of Pork or Chicken. Available in 2.5kg and 10kg Tubs. Ingredients: Sugar, Dextrose, Modified Maize Starch...
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  • Peppersteak
    American Peppersteak – Crumb Coater
    An American style coater with punchy notes of cracked black pepper, mustard and garlic. Great for Steak or Chicken. Available in 2.5kg and 10kg Tubs. Ingredients: Rusk (contains Wheat Flour, Salt),...
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