Marinade Concentrates

Marinade Concentrates…

Ultimate marinated meat or poultry… made at home by you!

Our range Marinade Concentrates are inspired by flavours from around the world and are all combined with our classic barbecue base. With simple to follow cooking instructions on the back of each pack and a 5 minute marinating time they are both easy to use and very convenient. Each concentrated pack contains 2x 70g sachets and is equivalent to 2x 250ml bottles of regular marinade. Great for baking, stir-frying or barbecuing these innovative marinades will change the way you cook and eat at home.

  • 01
    Texan Hickory BBQ Marinade Concentrate
    A classic Southern American style sweet and tangy marinade, that fades into a mild smokey finish. Great with Chicken, Pork and wings or added to your pulled-pork to finish! Ingredients: Sugar, Wat...
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  • 03
    Piri Piri BBQ Marinade Concentrate
    An authentic Portuguese chilli and garlic based marinade with zingy lemons and our classic barbecue base. Great with Chicken but fantastic on King Prawns or Salmon. Ingredients: Dextrose, Spirit V...
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  • 04
    Jamaican Jerk BBQ Marinade Concentrate
    A traditional spicy Jerk seasoning with herby notes and zesty lime, soulfully blended with our barbecue base. Great with Chicken, Pork, Beef and Fish, this versatile marinade will bring a Caribbean tw...
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  • 02
    Honey BBQ Marinade Concentrate
    A classic barbecue marinade blended with sweet and sticky golden honey to add an extra depth of flavour. Great with Pork, Chicken or Beef but we love it smothered on a bowl of chicken wings! Ingred...
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  • 05
    Chinese BBQ Marinade Concentrate
    Take a trip to the Orient with our authentic Char Siu marinade. Great with Pork and Chicken, this mouth-watering marinade is bursting with flavours of five spice infused with our classic barbecue base...
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