Pureety Marinades

Ultimate crunchy potatoes, made at home…

A range of potato seasonings, three for roasties and three for wedges. Simply follow the cooking instructions on the back of each pack and sprinkle the sachet over par-boiled potatoes before roasting. The end result being extremely crispy on the outside and beautifully fluffy on the inside and what we think are the best Roast Potatoes and Potato Wedges you will cook and eat at home.

Serves 4-6

  • Cajun Potato Seasoning
    Cajun Style Potato Wedge Seasoning
    Our Cajun Style Ultimate Potato Wedge Seasoning (40g) is prefect for sprucing up a snack or a last-minute meal. For a crunchy Cajun coating, just sprinkle over par-boiled potato wedges and roast! Ing...
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  • Original Potato Seasoning
    Original Roast Potato Seasoning
    Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside- that's what you want from a roastie! With our Original Ultimate Potato Seasoning (40g) it couldn't be easier to make the perfect side dish to your meals. ...
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  • Piri Piri Potato Seasoning
    Piri Piri Potato Wedge Seasoning
    Spice up your spuds with our new Piri Piri Ultimate Potato Wedge Seasoning (40g). The crunchy Piri Piri chilli coating will encase your fluffy potato wedges, making a side dish that packs a punch! The...
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  • Rosemary & Garlic Potato Seasoning
    Rosemary & Garlic Roast Potato Seasoning
    Like the Original flavour, our Rosemary & Garlic Ultimate Roast Potato Seasoning (40g) gives you the crunch factor, combined with the delicate garden flavours of rosemary and garlic. Ingredients:...
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  • Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar Potato Seasoning
    Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Potato Wedge Seasoning
    New from Pureety, these Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Ultimate Potato Wedge Seasonings (40g) are sure to be a culinary classic! Perfect for posh fish and chips with that authentic chip shop flavour or as ...
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  • Red Chilli & Garlic Potato Seasoning
    Red Chilli & Garlic Potato Wedge Seasoning
    Our Red Chilli and Garlic ‘Ultimate’ Roast Potato seasoning (40g) adds a spicy alternative accompaniment to any meal and delivers the same crunchy, fluffy roast potatoes you’ve come to love! In...
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